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This, This or That?

We search high and low for THE best tasting taffy to use in our Freeze-Dried Melt In Your Mouth Taffy. We only use THE best quality and gourmet taffy around. Instead of chewy it becomes almost cotton candy like - where it melts in your mouth - but yet it intensifies the flavors! Hard to believe that we could help candy taste any better than it already does. But ... well ... we may have hit it out of the ball park, again, with these 3 flavors.

  • Some of our customers don't want artificial coloring in their foods. We understand. So we found a taffy just for fall that has REAL FRUIT (or is it a vegetable?) puree and no artificial coloring! Simply put - its Pumpkin Taffy the Freeze Dried Way.

  • For the rest of us - there is Pumpkin Pie - with the flavor of a baked piece of pie - only better. Keep your crowns, keep your partials, and don't break your braces! This taffy will melt in your mouth with 1/4 less calories per piece of the Freeze-Dried Goodness! You could even splurge with 2 pieces! (or....more....)

  • And what is a fall meal without cranberry? But - there is added raspberry to sweeten the tartness! You will find this Freeze dried Yummy treat will subtly surprise you with its Yumm-oh factor!

Now....It's your turn to tell us! Which one would you try first? Just remember - we will ALWAYS let you sample before you buy (and not just one kind)! Because how else will you know that you will love this fun new way of eating snax unless you try it first?

Which would YOU pick to try FIRST?

  • Natural Pumpkin

  • Pumpkin Pie

  • Cranberry/Raspberry

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