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What makes you happy?

Okay, maybe that isn't the BEST title for this post - but honestly - sometimes it's the little things in life - or the big container to fit the large items!

Here is the picture of the gInOrMoUs Peppermint Rounds (previously known as Starlights) - one of our favorites (okay - really, do we have any not favorite?)...

Seriously - these things are UGE, as some say. And we LOVE them just how they are - fluffy, melt in your mouth, or dropped in our coffee or hot cocoa mug! The smells in our house while we are making this remind us of the holiday season! There are so many reasons to love this candy.

Oh, and as long as you store it with the lid on and completely shut (you know who I'm speaking to - young one) - and in a darker/cooler area (NOT the refrigerator or freezer), it could last - well - we don't know - ours never lasts around here for more than a few months. We need a new project - a space with a lock and key - just for experiments on how long things last. 😂

So, now tell us - what big or little things make YOU happy?

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